Hi! Maribel here...

                   Welcome to my website! I was born and raised in the Philippines. I grow up where people loves pictures! I started to get interest in taking pictures when I realized most of my family pictures or group pictures I have is, I am not in it because I am the one taking it! Then I realized, I have a great bond with cameras... so the rest is history.

              I am into every types of photography, but most I do weddings, seniors, engagement, and Family portraits. I love the natural light, I always believe natural light can get the best angle of you! But I own a lot of powerful flashes and lighting in case the nature won't work with me.

             I am a fun loving person, with two adorable kids and a supportive husband. If I am not taking pictures or preserving memories I find myself painting my nails , making my little girl a tutu dress or coloring with my son or do what usually wife and mom do. And I have a great belief that Memories are priceless and deserves to be preserved in the right way. Have a terrific day and hope to work with you soon!

Meet me and my family... :)